Roofing is Hard

Work by others: (Shingles bridge the gap between framing and trim)(floppy tails)… The roofing contractor starts late, often on sub-par DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, & FRAMING work, that happens after they price their work, possibly “by the square”, and its like standing in line to get whooped. Many building contractors reinforce this fault by prioritizing price and … Read More »

Attic Flooring, Attic Shelving, Crawlspace Shelving, and Various Storage Solutions

When Stetten Home Services began providing weatherization of attics and crawlspaces we were surprised with how eager people would be to utilize these spaces, and how creative they were. All homes are unique, even track-homes, because the owners personalize things. There is a growing trend of people needing more storage. Stetten Home Services has various … Read More »

Pony Wall Continuous Insulation OPTION for Floor Insulated Sealed Crawlspaces

This post is designed to be linked to in crawlspace proposals provided by Stetten Home Services. We are champions of the floor insulated sealed crawlspace because we have data to prove that sealed crawlspaces with “no insulation” or “floor-insulation” perform about equal to those with “wall-insulation”. Its a sealed box with no windows or doors … Read More »

Converting your NEW CONSTRUCTION vented crawlspace to a sealed crawlspace, affordably

For various reasons builders still build vented crawlspaces, yet have “sealed crawlspaces” under their own homes. Vented crawlspaces can work but it isn’t fantastic to have a crawlspace which allows dust/smoke, pollen/spores, hot/cold, wet/dry, light for critters to enter and thrive…. If you buy a new home in 2019 and it has a vented crawlspace … Read More »

Adjustable House-Air Drying Mechanism (for sealed crawlspaces)

This method is our 3rd choice. Various options are provided in the NC sealed crawlspace code for how to provide a Drying. 1st Choice) Adjustable Supply-Air Drying Mechanism on existing crawlspace plenum or distribution box. 2nd Choice) Adjustable Supply-Air Drying Mechanism “chased down” from the attic or interior duct-work. aka DUCTED DRYING MECHANISM 3rd Choice) … Read More »

Sealed Vapor Barrier

This is the standard vapor barrier treatment offered by Stetten Home Services: As you can see we provide extra materials and do an excellent job. The 1/4″ reflective insulation we use for air-barriers, house-wrap, padding, door-gaskets, is now called “Solex” and it has peel and stick adhesive on one of the edges. 4×125 is how … Read More »


HVAC There is no graceful way to explain our thoughts on HVAC, given the variables, so without further ado, a random list of thoughts/facts on High-Performance HVAC Critical Details: In 2011, the average residential customer in the U.S. spent 11.7 cents/KWH via U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA reports that each KWH via Electricity = … Read More »

Attic Insulation Prep

Attic insulation preparations are actually more important than the level of insulation itself. Here is a list of things to consider BEFORE adding insulation to your attic: 1) Does your attic needs more lights? It is likely going to be much harder to navigate AFTER the additional insulation is installed. Installing better lighting before your … Read More »

Critical Details List

Why do we write and provide these presentations regarding the Critical Details of Construction? Because we are constantly bombarded with poorly executed work. The quality of the existing housing stock is horrible. In the event a property owner or contractor wants to do what is best for a property, with long-term thinking, there is really … Read More »

Attic Air Sealing

Here are some good photos of “Attic Air-Sealing” which are “INCLUDED” as applicable, when you choose “ATTIC AIR SEALING” as an “ADD-ON” to a Sealed Crawlspace Project in the “OPTIONS” portion of the proposal or “INCLUDED” with all “BONUS ROOM COMFORT SOLUTION” , “Cape-Code Comfort Solution”, and “3rd Floor Comfort Solution” PROJECTS. The insulation is … Read More »

Sealed Attics

… spray foam as it pertains to our mixed-humid Raleigh, NC climate… Foam, the best insulator, adds strength to everything it touches while it stops air movement. Spray foam is possible due to specialized heating, pumping, mixing, and breathing equipment. Unlike the cans at the hardware store, to get the speed and consistency that you … Read More »


Mold – Chapel Hill, NC Complaint: Mold all over walls around HVAC system, and around the registers.Problem started when new HVAC system was installed by big company in red and blue van. Diagnosis. Air-Handler and Heat-Pump/Compressor over-sized. Ducts are leaky. House is negatively pressurized when HVAC system is operating drawing in air through the paths … Read More »