Sealed Vapor Barrier

This is the standard vapor barrier treatment offered by Stetten Home Services: As you can see we provide extra materials and do an excellent job.

It may not appear that the vapor barrier is glued or foamed to the wall, but we seal it with foam or glue and nails.… Read more


It might come as no surprise that roofing is more complicated than it seems. In new construction, even in 2016, the roofing contractor is often screwed before he starts,  because their work occurs “on”  sub-par work that happened after they price their work. Many Building Contractors reinforce this … Read more

No exposed insulation or Joists

Attic Air Sealing

This gallery is the best depiction of what we call “Attic Air-Sealing”. This first gallery shows what is “INCLUDED” when you choose “ATTIC AIR SEALING” as an “ADD-ON” to a Sealed Crawlspace Project in the “OPTIONS” portion of the proposal or “INCLUDED” with all “BONUS ROOM COMFORT SOLUTION” PROJECTS.

” … Read more

Sealed Attics

… spray foam as it pertains to our mixed-humid Raleigh, NC climate…

Foam, the best insulator, adds strength to everything it touches while it stops air movement.
Spray foam is possible due to specialized heating, pumping, mixing, and breathing equipment. Unlike the cans at the hardware store, to get the … Read more


Bare Minimum Sealed Crawlspace

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Crawlspaces have become a source of confusion for consumers. Lets end that.
What are the minimum requirements for a vented crawlspace?
Most brand new homes have black 6mil vapor barrier overlapped to cover all of the ground, although you can … Read more



There is no graceful way to explain our thoughts on HVAC, given the variables, so without further ado, a random list of thoughts/facts on High-Performance HVAC Critical Details:

In 2011, the average residential customer in the U.S. spent 11.7 cents/KWH via U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA reports that … Read more

Broken AC


Attic Air-Sealing, HVAC Replacement, Junk-Removal, Creedmore, NC

This job was a huge success. The owner’s have lived through many drafty years, and high heating bills, and had only one window mounted A/C Unit. They now set temperatures as they wish in each area. 6 total indoor blowers and 2 total … Read more



Mold – Chapel Hill, NC

Complaint: Mold all over walls around HVAC system, and around the registers.Problem started when new HVAC system was installed by big company in red and blue van.

Diagnosis. Air-Handler and Heat-Pump/Compressor over-sized. Ducts are leaky. House is negatively pressurized when HVAC system is operating drawing … Read more



Raleigh, NC – Coracini Residence


Stage 1 – Bush Removal, Junk Removal & Insulation Removal, Crawlspace Lighting Installation 8/12/2010
Stage 2 – Heavy Duty Sealed Liner 8/13/2010
Stage 3 – Seal/Insulate with “banana pudding”, Fix Door, Install Walking Pad, Signage, and RH monitor 8/14… Read more


DELUXE SEALED ATTIC and CRAWL – Downtown Raleigh, NC

Owner purchased energy audit immediately upon taking ownership years ago. As a result, SHS removed the fiberglass from the crawlspace, installed a heavy-duty vapor barrier, and sealed all the duct-work, and at that time, the budget didn’t allow for insulating. The … Read more

The Energy Formula


HOW MANY DOLLARS / SQUARE FOOT / YEAR do you spend on energy bills?

Somewhere between $0.40/sf/yr and $2.50/sf/yr. Hopefully less because of weatherization.

All buildings should have a logical place for information to be stored and accessed. A website, a folder, … Read more



Deluxe Sealed Crawlspace + Deluxe Sealed Attic. Raleigh, NC

The Completed Tasks List:

1-Removed Fiberglass insulation from crawlspace and attics. Removed Junk.
2-Installed Heavy Duty Plastic Liner in crawlspace, Taped Seams and piers, Vents are plugged. Crawlspace Drying Mechanism in Crawlspace. Brand-New High-Quality Crawlspace Door.
3-Sealed Attics with spray-foam. Sealed … Read more

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