We offer building performance consulting services first. Here are a few ways in which we consult:

For folks living in existing homes, who would like to learn about and eventually execute high-performance projects, our website offers a free knowledge library and other posts that highlight common problems and solutions found in Raleigh, North Carolina and around the world. You can see:

We offer the above services to clients who appreciate the depth of experience we provide. Insulators and home performance contractors are often eager to provide services that lack long-term planning and often miss the mark so that they can make a quick buck. We are dedicated to providing a truly customized audit and tiered scope of work so that both the client and ourselves can be confident that the money you spend is being spent optimally. For example, adding attic insulation to a leaky home with leaky ducts with a vented crawlspace is a bad investment and inasmuch as it pushes the important projects back and makes them more difficult the additional insulation was a bad thing. We have see this many a time.