If you are here, you likely have had one or more construction projects that were frustrating, or turned out wrong. Although we provided numerous services “in-house” for years and years, our consulting services help our clients the most.  They have benefited the most from our time, money, and sanity saving expertise. We are experienced general contractors and problem solvers, and prefer to avoid problems rather than react to them. We build “from the ground up”, and maintain homes from the top down, and always use sound science and logic in our work.

It is all we can do to stay ahead of the innovation curve, with all the new products, services and research available, and all this serves mainly as a distraction. However, the most important things we can help you accomplish on your construction projects are fundamental items, and these items are completely missed by the building code.

The almighty building code. I often hear fellow builders talk about inspections, how well they did, and it is sad. The building code is not what you are supposed to “build towards” or brag about! The building code is nothing but a 2.0 GPA for buildings. A code compliant residence is a “house” not a “home”. You might not die in it. That is all.

Even on my own projects I hire consultants to help me reap the benefits of folks who specialize in i.e. landscaping, or plumbing, or heating, or decorating.

Anyway, we hope to get involved in on your project as early as possible. If for no other reason, we would like to plan the water-proofing and moisture management for your building before you start digging.

We should really be the first call you make after you have decided WHERE or WHAT you want to create.

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