Spray-Foam Insulation and More

Spray-Foam is manufactured on-site, to possess certain density/vapor-stopping properties. Soft Open-Cell Foam for walls, floors, attics, roofs is cheaper per R-Value and allows moisture to penetrate it and diffuse. Harder, Closed-Cell Foam can be used in crawlspaces and basement walls to effectively seal out moisture. Closed Cell foam can even be used as a roofing material.

You can not find a faster, better, healthier, or more versatile way to Build!

Stetten Home Services is different. We remove obsolete building materials from your home. Look at our pictures to see we take craftsmanship seriously and never leave a mess for the homeowner to deal with. Future work in the space is pleasant. Workers don’t have to deal with formaldehyde laden, itchy, or contaminated insulation.  Normally, foam contractors “rake-back” or “hold-back” old insulation temporarily to spray insulation into a new place. The result: a completely air-tight building envelope, full of dusty insulation no longer needed. Insulated crawlspaces and attics are supposed to simulate the household temperatures, and may as well be healthy too now that the space itself is “indoor”. Spray foam the way we use it is a totally new strategy and deserves quality craftsmanship and hard-work. Is it bad to leave old insulation in place when the space is sealed and insulated to form a larger building envelope? No. Is it better to remove the insulation, remove all the toxic stuff? Absolutely.

ICYNENE, BaySEAL, Touch-N-Seal ???

It matters more WHO you use, then WHAT you use!!!

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