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Our crews work in a well lit environment from start to finish. We use this crawlspace as a training facility and storage facility. We want our completed jobs to look this nice, every time.
in addition to the optional pony-wall insulation we installed 48 SF of additional shelving and maximized lighting in the walk-able areas
Once a crawlspace is “Carefully Sealed”, as in sealed liner, sealed walls, sealed sub-floor above, sealed ducts, sealed access door… just a trickle of air will keep it dry and if nothing else satisfy the building code’s “drying mechanism” requirement.
This photo shows the:
“Cape Cod Comfort Solution” and the “Bonus Room Comfort Solution” very well.
These ducts ran down 2 floors into the crawlspace. stopping the flow of air made about 140 SF of interior wall feel normal rather than hot/cold like the attic/crawl.
Is your bath-tub cold? This is why.