If you would like to lower your bills significantly, and
enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home,
and are not quite sure what the best route is,
get a Home Energy Audit.

Our cost to you varies based on the size of the home.
The smaller, and simpler a home, the less the audit should cost.

If you are thinking about making an offer on a home,
get an opinion from Adam, a “building scientist” first. 

Do the math: You can pay hundreds ($400-$600?) for a home inspection,
that does not include thorough inspection of attics and crawlspaces, or any pricing.
Often home inspections have over 30 pages of boiler-plate text and redundant photos.
You can pay ($400-$600) for a normal Energy Audit,
with a Blower Door, Duct Blaster & Thermal Camera,
which also leaves you with too much information that isn’t useful.
You can wait then wait several days for your report,
which could leave you with no idea what things are going to cost.
Then, you’ll need a contractor. Call SHS first.

The SHS Energy Audit Includes:

  • Prompt arrival with with No Fancy Equipment
  • Photo-documentation of the entire property, focusing on opportunities and potentiality.
  • A verbal report prior to leaving.
  • An online multi-media report, with your own DEDICATED URL with photos, example photos,
    and any relevant charts, graphs, etc.

    1. Findings
    2. Recommendations
    3. Estimates & Referrals

    The photos we take, diagrams we make, and everything else is made available to you online quickly.

  • Why use a URL? It is hands-down the best, cheapest, and greenest way to share pictures, information, and to manage projects. It is simple, the URL is something like: energyhandyman.com/client/stetten .

If you purchase an Audit today, We can serve as your BUILDING SCIENCE CONSULTANT for years to come and can provide the insights of a seasoned Realtor, Builder, and Handyman.

After the audit, if you are interested, Stetten Home Services can provide general contracting and other consulting services.

Call today to find out how your home stands up!
(919) 413 – ADAM

Other thoughts from years of helping people save money and be more comfortable.

We get many “comfort calls” and consider building layout, duct-work layout, and air-flow first. Winter comfort issues are often caused by too little “Low Return Air-Flow”. Cold air inside the home falls like a liquid, and piles up in the lower strata, leaving the homeowner cold, especially the feet. Summer comfort issues are often caused by too little “High Return Air-Flow”. Some older homes are uncomfortable and inefficient in the summer because the home originally had heat only, and no A/C. If your home was built in the 60’s or early 70’s this may very well be the case. In Summer, hot air inside the home, generated by the people, appliances, computers, solar radiation etc, rises, often getting stuck without relief or anyway of being processed by the air-handler. The heat balloon is especially a problem on the upper floors or in rooms without returns. BY SIMPLY INSTALLING STACKED RETURNS, we have solved many many comfort issues in just one day. The new return, which takes half of its air from near the ceiling and half from near the floor goes a long way to making the entire home comfortable. We have also installed returns in the living room ceiling so that the wood burning fireplace heat is allowed to be distributed throughout the home by simply running the HVAC FAN. Those are some basic thoughts on air flow and comfort. Heat Rises. Cold Falls.