Foundation Water Proofing

By adam
August 10, 2013   Comments Off on Foundation Water Proofing
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These techniques are simply the best way to bullet-proof your existing home, starting at the foundation.
Yes, your brand new or old home may have failed none of its inspections, but having passed with a C- or 70 is nothing to brag about. In many cases, even”certified green” homes have the same horrible flaws as typical track-homes. Regrettably, most if not all brand new homes will require another 5%-10% of the cost of the home just to make sure it doesn’t fall apart or blow up eventually. Keep in mind even 10% is a great deal if you can avoid structural issues or a plumbing failure. During initial construction, it may only be + 1-2% to achieve this improved level of construction, and in some cases cheaper. Resolving these common flaws is necessary before an educated homeowner can be confident their home won’t fail. If a builder applied these lessons he could easily make even more money, selling a better home with fewer problems and complaints, and more referral business.

So once you have taken control of the ground water, roof water, and migratory water, it is likely that a traditional sealed crawlspace is not even necessary. You may now be fine with a Pseudo Sealed Crawlspace or Bare-Minimum Sealed Crawlspace.

The next layer of the typical crawlspace foundation house, vertically, and by construction, is the first-floor system.

Rule # 1 – 1st Floor Framing:  No parallel floor joists within 48″ of perimeter walls.