Duct Sealing is Included!

By adam
January 26, 2018   Comments Off on Duct Sealing is Included!

When you purchase a Sealed Crawlspace or Attic Air-Sealing or the Bonus Room Comfort Solution from Stetten Home Services you also get “Duct-Sealing” in the affected area. We will seal any accessible leak we can find!

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We generally use expanding foam and tape and silicone caulking for duct sealing but certain circumstances call for using “Bucket Mastic” which is applied with a paint-brush, and the brush works pretty much like a spatula. As the product dries, the fibers in the mastic create a strong material similar to what people use to set tile. While that strength is good it doesn’t also add any R-Value. Many of our projects are single day projects, and mastic takes so long to dry that you can’t come back in 20 minutes and re-insulate or re-fit the insulation. For this reason, we often choose foam, because it seals, insulates, and once it is dry it adds a little strength to the joint. Sometimes a combination of tape and foam is the best for loose duct connections. If needed we add screws for even more stability.