Deluxe Sealed Crawlspaces with Closed Cell Foam

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August 1, 2013   Comments Off on Deluxe Sealed Crawlspaces with Closed Cell Foam

Stetten Home Services creates many variations of “sealed-crawlspaces” to suit peoples varying needs. The photos in the link below represent our “Deluxe” Crawlspace Renovations. What sets us apart, is all the hard work we put into preparing the space. We can remove all the old insulation and debris, hang all the wires and ducts properly, rake out all the stones, solve combustion issues and condensate issues, re-build the crawlspace door, and divert a small amount of air from your existing duct-system into the crawlspace, or install a dehumidifier. The SUPPLY AIR – DRYING MECHANISM is without a doubt the cheapest and most effective way to keep your crawlspace dry and conditioned. Lots of companies sell dehumidifiers, and mold “treatments”. We don’t! We know that an air-tight space that receives a trickle or less or dry-conditioned air will gradually dry. Eventually the wood will dry out, the insulation will dry out, a happy humidity level will be achieved,  and most, if not all pests will die, without the use of pesticides.
THE DELUXE is recommended for folks with moisture problems or IAQ sensitivity or folks in need of storage space that is clean and conditioned. The finished product is very dry, clean, and air-tight. Our closed-cell spray-foam is a high-quality air-barrier, and an un-beatable vapor barrier. The foam is rigid upon curing. We select our products based on the existing building materials and we optimize the foam’s temperature, pressure, and formula to suit the weather on the day of installation.  Our super-heavy-duty, re-enforced, vapor-barrier is sealed to the walls and piers and pipes with the same heavy duty foam. We take the time to document all of our repairs and install documentation in the spaces we work. The Deluxe comes with signage for the crawlspace, wireless crawlspace temp/humidity sensing, an indoor display, and a 12 month check-up. You will notice that there is no insulation between the joists. In most cases, this is absolutely fine, but in some cases, we will also spray foam onto the sub-floor where the flooring above is tile. It is worth noting that during the cooling months, all of the cold air inside the home presses against the floor, because cold air falls like a liquid. This presents a small energy penalty. The more floors (2, 3 and 4 story homes) your home has, the greater the stratification of hot and cold air in your home, and the cooler your lowest floor surface will be; so in the summer is would benefit to have a few inches of insulation in the floor space. The purpose of a sealed crawlspace is to keep it dry, which doesn’t necessarily mean cold in the summer. We hope this information is useful when you are deciding on exactly what sealed crawlspace system is best for you.

sometimes a crawlspace becomes an asset (after being a liability for years)

sometimes you install carpet and lighting and automatic door closure…………

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As a matter of health, one critical detail is Floor System Air-Sealing, in which the funky dust in the crawlspace can not follow the upward flow of air and “infiltrate” the home increasing the stack effect. Do this step before disturbing the bulk of the insulation and before “Cleaning Out” the crawlspace. The ducts should be replaced, or cleaned-and-sealed if they haven’t been since 2005.