Attic Air Sealing

By adam
July 24, 2013   Leave a comment

This gallery is the best depiction of what we call “Attic Air-Sealing”. This first gallery shows what is “INCLUDED” when you choose “ATTIC AIR SEALING” as an “ADD-ON” to a Sealed Crawlspace Project in the “OPTIONS” portion of the proposal or “INCLUDED” with all “BONUS ROOM COMFORT SOLUTION” PROJECTS.

The old gallery shows a Traditional Attic Weatherization in a pretty old home. There are several tricky details, and no duct-work in the way, it shows use using a huge VACUUM to EXTRACT the old insulation from the home so we could do a stellar job air-sealing. We used Froth Pack as the air-sealing (two propane-tank looking tanks holding the foam chemicals) because it was otherwise too hard to get into the tight areas near the soffit. This home is often the only home on the street with snow on the roof (days after snow) because everyone else is heating their attic.