Attic Flooring, Attic Shelving, Crawlspace Shelving, and Various Storage Solutions

By adam
January 30, 2020   Comments Off on Attic Flooring, Attic Shelving, Crawlspace Shelving, and Various Storage Solutions

When Stetten Home Services began providing weatherization of attics and crawlspaces we were surprised with how eager people would be to utilize these spaces, and how creative they were. All homes are unique, even track-homes, because the owners personalize things. There is a growing trend of people needing more storage. Stetten Home Services has various storage strategies that will be unique to your home and exactly what you need, not only that but we build smart and efficient spaces that you will use for years to come.

Shown below are some of the photos that depict what we commonly offer/provide to homeowners needing more storage space:

Attic Ladder
Additional Attic Ladder Access to Spray-Foam Sealed Attic. In the Carport. Can you slide a Kayak in your Attic? directly off the roof of your car?
Attic Flooring
With a roof-deck insulated sealed attic we can attach our new flooring to the 2×6 ceiling joists and not ‘bring the flooring up’ to accommodate the code-required R38 Blown or Batts. Spray foam is awesome, even more so when height is limited. We even moved a plumbing vent or two to be vertical through the attic rather that horizontal so to speak. This attic flooring actually solved some issues with twisting joists, where after accessing the attic you would have new nail-pops below.
Attic Renovation in 5-Points. New Wiring, New Ducts
Prior to blowing this cellulose we did COMPLETE MODERNIZATION OF THE SYSTEMS. The Ceiling Plane is sealed AFTER new bath-fans, lights, fan-brackets, ducts lowered and shortened, wiring upgraded, access to all of that is gone for good.

We like to add a safety & functionality as we weatherize. Truthfully, attic storage and energy efficiency can be at direct odds with the other. Attic cleanliness is extremely hard to achieve when fiberglass, cellulose, or rock-wool are exposed. There are lots of things to consider.

We do get calls from people who added insulation last week and want new bath-fans this week. and a place for all their luggage. The order of all of this matters immensely to the appearance/performance of the final outcome.

This space was tiny above a 750SF home. We installed 24″ lengths of electrical wire on each rafter to accept various stored items. NO FLASH.
This attic had a single sheet of plywood in the upper left-hand corner, and the furnace and water heater is on it before we finagled these extra areas.

This strategy of attic flooring is simplified. The sheets are delivered ripped in half or into thirds. We scab on new lumber to match the elevation of the platform that existed and it sure feel like it stabilizes the trusses. The weight of workmen will be distributed to all the joists rather than a single joist.

Here we were using up the scrap lumber and made some super-duty shelves.
this is an in progress shot and sometimes it makes sense not to floor the ceilings above bath-fans or electrical panels or duct-chases… We sell the floor based on the material. For example, 10 board cut in half is 20 pieces of flooring and we hope to minimize waste. Avoiding complicated cuts is smart. wherever there are wires there is a gap in the riser to allow it through and we use a red sharpie to draw that wire above on the flooring itself for safety.
Depending on the situation, we would prefer a little glue and some finish nails to attach this flooring. People may want to remove a piece to run a wire?
In the above before vs after, the yellow insulation had approximately zero contact with the drywall. It was “inset-stapled” so deep between the studs that you can not even see them. It was all removed and re-fitted, while the walls were being air-sealed @ the drywall penetrations. These walls were 6-8 feet tall so our seams are taped and we use too many staples