One of our favorite things to do is solve problems. Most of the time were are slaying dragons in crawlspaces and attics. Occasionally we get a chance to do something fun and innovative, which is a treat. The most important part is to have a convenient place to record your ldeas. For example, many people have a notes app on my iPhone that sinks to a notes folder in my Yahoo, this is awesome because I almost always have my phone in my pocket. If the idea lasts a few weeks or months, then it is a pretty good idea, and I try to develop it. Having a long list of desired customizations is a good way to boost your creativity. Here is a short list of things we’ve built to make other people lives easier and better.

Travel Toothpaste Refiller – Follow Link to INSTRUCTABLES

iPad Headboard Boom – Follow Link to INSTRUCTABLES

iPad Speaker Buddy – Follow Link to INSTRUCTABLES

Plywood Armchair Coffee Rest -Follow Link to PINTEREST

Treble Clef Desk (Minimal, Functional, Custom)

Over Doorway Storage Systems –

Wall Mounted PRIVACY SCREEN with Casters –

easiest privacy screen in the entire world to operate

Milk Crate Storage and Step Stools –

Milk Crate Closet Organizer Systems – Photo coming soon.

Magnetic Chalkboard for Flyers –

Large Chalkboard for Kitchen Shopping Lists and Child Entertainment –

Garage Entry Door Makeover with Chalkboard on 2 sides –

Weird TV Wall Mount (Long time ago)

Ford Key Repair with Yellow SUGRU

Storage Unit Customization with OFF THE FLOOR Shelving –

Trash / Recycling Bin “Step Saving” Lid Ropes –