Plywood Arm Chair Coffee Rest

By adam
March 12, 2014   Leave a comment

Baby Proofing our home entailed removing several small side tables that we were using as coffee tables(between chairs).

Henceforth we were wondering, “Where do we put our beverages? This sucks!”

After noticing something on Pinterest that had 3 pieces of 3/4″ thick wood, I realized that I could easily make something.

My problem with the original inspiration was that is was a bit limiting, or specific to a particular piece of furniture.






My idea was something narrow enough to wedge between the seat cushion and arm:

We are very pleased with the sturdiness and function of the coffee rest.
The "2-Piece" Design = more space | 1/2" material = more flexibility | Wedge it between stuff.


As you can see, we needed something like this.
It works just as well in the evening!