By adam
December 3, 2012   1 Comment


Mold – Chapel Hill, NC

Complaint: Mold all over walls around HVAC system, and around the registers.Problem started when new HVAC system was installed by big company in red and blue van.

Diagnosis. Air-Handler and Heat-Pump/Compressor over-sized. Ducts are leaky. House is negatively pressurized when HVAC system is operating drawing in air through the paths of least resistance.

Recommendations: Extract 100% insulation from attic and spray foam the roof-deck bringing the whole volume indoors.
Alternatively, simply move insulation around and seal the entire attic plane with hand-held foam. Rake out insulation.

RESULTS: SHS performed necessary attic air-sealing on the day of the inspection(as seen below) resulting in drastic comfort improvement. The moisture problem is solved and the mold dried up and died within several days. The mold was easily wiped off and has not returned.

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