Sealed Crawlspace No Insulation

By adam
July 29, 2013   Comments Off on Sealed Crawlspace No Insulation

Hello folks with vented crawlspaces!

Today I share with you the best and most affordable method for increasing comfort, saving money, reducing household moisture, reducing pest infestation, and improving indoor air quality.

The Sealed Crawlspace with No Insulation.

Eventually the homeowner could insulate the walls or floor or both to boost the benefits of their sealed crawlspace, but actually, a sealed crawlspace with zero insulation in the floor and zero insulation on the walls will pretty much always outperform a vented crawlspace with insulation in the floor system. As it turns out, floor system insulation only affects about 75% of the floor system, the remaining 25% is the wooden joists which remain exposed to environment of the relatively hostile (hot, cold, too wet, too dry, dirty) crawlspace. When you plug the vents, not only do you stop the temperature and humidity swings of the ambient environment, but you begin to “retain” the energy of any ducts and equipment. Often there is a precipitous drop in the crawlspace humidity and wood moisture content when we plug the vents along with the other features of a bare-minimum-sealed crawlspace. You can save 15% to 20% on heating and cooling bills simply because the crawlspace has become a comfortable space for the HVAC system to operate in, and the home retains its temperature between cycles as the entire floor system & wires, pipes, & ducts are all “inside”.

Amazing Panorama of Sealed Crawlspace with Lights No Flash
Amazing Panorama of Sealed Crawlspace with Lights No Flash

In crawlspaces where the builder (cheaply) built a pony wall to save on concrete blocks the plain un-insulated wall is the weakest link. Rather than insulate these walls with batts between the studs, again covering only 75% of the wall or less, sometimes much less, we often prefer to insulate the wall in its entirety with PRODEX which also helps to air-seal the pony wall which can be very leaky. In the above photo you can see the call-out to the pony wall. The above crawlspace would perform pretty much the same with or without the insulation in the floor system. This can be proven with the readings from the temperature and humidity monitor.