Chemical Degradation of Plumbing

By adam
March 4, 2014   Comments Off on Chemical Degradation of Plumbing
We often "Re-Build" toilets, and are subject to the INK you see here.


Plumbing Parts are either black or RED RUBBER - As you can see here, Cary water has destroyed this 3 year old toilet flapper.
With Failed Expansion Tanks nearby, exposed to "hostile" attic temperatures, we can see how the owner was unsatisfied with their water-flow.

In summary, there is no code requirement that the quality of the water be verified. There are federal laws in place, but enforcement is anything but reliable across the country. I would recommend a custom filtration system with CLEAR filter housings that allow the user to visually inspect the cleanliness of their water, so that we can be more aware of the substances we put in our bodies.