Morrison Deluxe Energy Remodel

By adam
December 1, 2011   Comments Off on Morrison Deluxe Energy Remodel

The photos depict what seems to be the absolute best energy remodel possible, in terms of performance, & also the level of detail.

Prep took 2.5 Days: Insulation & Debris Removal, Venting Bath Fans, Vapor Barriers, Surface Protection.
About a week passed… we took care of several plumbing leaks and added a roof penetration in the meantime.
Foam took another 1.5 days, and cleanup/finishing details took another half-day.
The house has a dedicated dehumidifier located in the crawlspace that will work to dehumidify the whole home.
The crawlspace has a high-water alarm in the lowest point, and a wireless RH computer.
The vapor barrier has many extra layers in high-traffic and storage areas.
For good measure, there are two viewing strips in the crawlspace. Top and Bottom of wall.

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