By adam
October 21, 2016   Comments Off on Liu

Mrs. Liu had been struggling with excessive crawlspace moisture for many years due to having a code compliant vented crawlspace. With a wet lot and poor grading, the situation was a little worse than normal but just a little.  What really hurt Mrs. Liu is delta-T, she sets the A/C to 67F. With a vented crawlspace, the colder you set your thermostat the wetter your crawlspace will be. Energy moves from hot towards cold. Moisture moves from hot towards cold.



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This crawlspace, although it was as wet as they get, was served well by what we call the “BARE MINIMUM SEALED CRAWLSPACE. We executed the same first 9 steps we do on every crawlspace and no options were selected. You can see Mrs. Liu has a pony wall that we left alone. No permit was required because the work was under $5,000 and it did not involve any design change other than removing the fans and dehumidifiers that had been installed. Any major change to the Plumbing, Electrical, or HVAC would require a permit but the drying mechanism is categorized as a minor change, similar to an “adjustment”, or “service”.