By adam
May 17, 2011   Leave a comment

Remote COntrolled

Ducts are often complicated, hidden from view, and located in hostile conditions of vented attics and crawlspaces, and therefore installed poorly.

Imagine a better system with several miniature blower units strategically located throughout the house.

Many indoor blowers can be powered by as few as 1 outdoor compressor unit, and eliminating the duct-work may free up valuable space! They Heat and Cool. They come in such high efficiencies such as 21 SEER and 10 HSPF!!! (They can effectively pump heat into a home when the outdoor temp is under 20F.

The blowers are quiet, have easy-clean filters, and remotes. Each area has its own temperature adjustment. You can be sitting in bed and adjust the temperature, speed and direction of air-flow.

Nothing compares. Go ductless.