Low Impact Trenching

By adam
August 12, 2015   Comments Off on Low Impact Trenching
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LOW IMPACT TRENCHING. You can apply “Industrial Engineering” to the way materials are handled while digging out and filling in a trench. Waste can be avoided entirely.

Strings can be used to define work and guide the shovel, so the pitch of all ditches and pipes, is worked out prior to any digging. Each shovel should go into a tub. plan on lots of tubs and tarps and boards to work on. Plan to dispose of lots of soils because the ditch may have Fabric, Gravel, Piping, Concrete and air inside it which is all new volume. Plan on puddle-compacting any soil you do replace.

Corrugated black pipe is wavy and very flexible and often has multiple uphill sections in each lineage, and often the last few feet are uphill, because you can. USE SOLID PVC AND MAINTAIN A PITCH. I guess I wish it was uncommon for a drainage contractor to leave a yard looking like a bomb went off only to install a pipe the is restrictive, resistant, improperly pitched and destined to fail. Corrugated-pipe is wavy and flexible and often has multiple uphill sections in each lineage as installed, and often the last few feet are uphill. It is not uncommon to see solid corrugated-pipe accidentally confused or mixed with perforated-corrugated-pipe and for there to be no visible termination to daylight at the end of an extensive drainage project.

Sump-Pump Discharge and Gutter Water and Yard Water and HVAC water can all be taken away from your home’s foundation with one 4″ or 6″ PVC pipe running from just above the lowest footing if you have a sump-system, or below the lowest footing if you have an exterior french drain.

Rather than your conveyance-ditch or exit-trench being an afterthought, it might have to be the first part of the project.

 This was a fun project where we buried a conveyance pipe before the finish coat on the road was poured, utilizing the storm drain across the street. 

Storm drains are often on YOUR PROPERTY so use them to keep your yard dry.


This is not how it should be done:

High Impact Poorly Terminated Conveyance Piping