By adam
September 20, 2010   1 Comment

img_6384DELUXE SEALED ATTIC and CRAWL – Downtown Raleigh, NC

Owner purchased energy audit immediately upon taking ownership years ago. As a result, SHS removed the fiberglass from the crawlspace, installed a heavy-duty vapor barrier, and sealed all the duct-work, and at that time, the budget didn’t allow for insulating. The homeowner saved up and was ready to move forward with weatherization in 2010.

Unfortunately the HVAC gave out in 2010, and had to be replaced. We quickly installed a new Apollo system to stay consistent with the neighborhood. (Apollo forced air heating systems utilize hot water from a nearby tank that is already hot when needed!) Apollo systems are simple, and tend to be safer than traditional gas furnaces. They work best on compact houses. In this home the water tank is in an exterior storage closet allowing SHS to aggressively seal the crawlspace and attic without concern for combustion gases.

A Deluxe Sealed Attic and Deluxe Sealed Crawlspace renovation has been completed. The homeowner is amazed at how little her new HVAC system has been working, and how remarkably comfortable she is.

Other notes: Prior to insulating the attic, several roof repairs were made. SHS thoroughly inspects 100% of roof decks prior to scheduling the installation of foam.