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Energy Audit – Raleigh, NC

Attic is 1242 SF w/12″ of Blown Fiberglass, and trusses @ 24″ o.c.

Home suffers from attic leakiness and pressure imbalance caused by duct leakage and door closure.

– Attic air-sealing and additional pressure relief for “return air flow” is needed. Jumper-duct or new return needed in each upstairs room. It is recommended to keep all doors open in the home with exception to the laundry room.

Two tubular skylights for upper left front room and one for laundry room have been requested.

An exhaust fan for the laundry room is recommended. Ideally it would run at a low-speed anytime the dryer is not running, and be off when the dryer is running.

If any gas equipment breaks replace with 100% electric, high-efficiency equipment. Gas company chargers 120-200/year in connection fees. No bueno!

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There are several option for attic renovation:
Traditional Air-Sealing or New-School Air-Sealing

For images of traditional attic renovation click here

Traditional Air-Sealing is not recommended when all of the heating and cooling happens in the attic. What would be soooo much better, would be to re-claim the entire attic space, effectively insulating the attic from the sky, and sealing all the air inside the now conditioned attic. For images of this new school attic renovation click here

We are working on prices for you at this time.