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New Roof needed in a few years
Siding in poor shape – few years left
Water Heater in Attic
Main Cut-Off in coat closet (Gate Valve in Horizontal, potential valve calamity)
Gas-Pack on Right/Rear of building – Ducts leaking badly in crawlspace – only one unit to handle the whole home – chased through wall near garage corner – must replace with 95% split system in crawl and preferably separate system for upper floor.

Recommended Scope and Related Details:

– Lighting needed throughout crawlspace
– New In-swing Crawlspace Door suggested on rear left crawlspace wall
– Insulation and Debris removal and clean-out needed in crawlspace
– Stapling of all loose wires to floor system needed in crawlspace
– Some sagging ducts need re-strapping
– Interior Interceptor Trench needed on 2 side of crawlspace (Left/Rear) 82 Linear Feet
– Sump Pump and Concrete Basin Needed at Left/Rear Corner
– Create large 68″ head-space for “duplex” direct vent 40G Water Heaters in crawlspace
– Sealed Vapor Barrier needed – Sealed Vents – Drying Mechanism – RH monitor
– New insulation strategy needed. Choice between wall insulation or floor insulation. Decide later.
– It would be smart to address the water intrusion along the rear of the home, and water coming in at the deck attachment points before insulating the floors or walls or band-joist
– After we get the water out, it will be 6 months to a year before the structural soils stop moving, at which point it would be a good time to replace siding, adjust doors, adjust or caulk trim, moldings, etc.

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