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Stetten Home Services was called in to assess the crawlspace, for the new owners, on behalf of the former owner.

Note 1: Plug-in dehumidifier was running on full blast while the crawlspace vents were fully open, and it was just about to start raining. Think about it! This device was unplugged by ADAM and there is absolutely no need for a dehumidifier in crawlspaces with heating and cooling equipment within. Regardless, what use is a dehumidifier without a drain hose? It would need to be emptied daily and would still have no affect on the humidity within the crawlspace. Our recommendation is a fully sealed vapor barrier (walls and piers mechanically fastened, seams taped, after the entire space has been raked out smooth and graded towards the low-point. Once the floor system has been sealed with expanding foam, and the door has been weather-stripped and air-sealed, the vents can be blocked and sealed, and a simple drying mechanism could be installed on the existing duct work that would keep the space warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable throughout the year. After this system in installed it would be prudent to install a crawlspace relative humidity computer. It would then be very smart to monitor the conditions until you  reach a point of extended osmotic stress.

Treating the MOLD, FUNGUS,and MILDEW prior to drying the crawlspace out for a long period of time would be wasteful, careless, un-healthy, and actually cause more damage. PAINTING THE WOOD WHITE should be a LAST RESORT because it would SCAR THE HOME FOR LIFE.

DRY-SCATHING while having the entire crawlspace placed under an intense air-stream toward the crawlspace door is the answer to removing the bulk of your TOPICAL BIOLOGICALS.

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