By adam
November 11, 2009   1 Comment

img_5723Deluxe Sealed Crawlspace + Deluxe Sealed Attic. Raleigh, NC

The Completed Tasks List:

1-Removed Fiberglass insulation from crawlspace and attics. Removed Junk.
2-Installed Heavy Duty Plastic Liner in crawlspace, Taped Seams and piers, Vents are plugged. Crawlspace Drying Mechanism in Crawlspace. Brand-New High-Quality Crawlspace Door.
3-Sealed Attics with spray-foam. Sealed Crawlspace with spray-foam.
6-Replace vented soffits with sealed soffits.
7-Replaced garage door to backyard, saved doggy door for future use.
8- Replaced all exterior trim.
9-Painted entire home.
17- Installed new compost fence in back corner of the yard.
20-Installed new laundry room door.

The Wish List:
12-SHS to replace all windows in spring,
10-Install High-Quality gutter guards.
15-Add a door(with dog door) from kitchen to garage, Turn garage into nice mudroom.
16-screen off the top of the wood stove pipe
18-new screen needed on window for upstairs bathroom
19-fix the downstairs bath tub (What is wrong with the bath-tub???)
21-put in a continuous lap pool
22-put in a new driveway
23-landscape the backyard so it’s a lovely garden haven
Initial Meeting Thu, Nov, 18, 4pm
Junk-Removed Fri, Nov, 19, All-Day, 6 guys plus dumpster.
Spray-Foam Friday, Dec, 3, All-Day
Final Thoughts: This project was a huge success. Sometimes you actually don’t want to leave the home at the end of the day. What a fantastic privilege it was to serve this client.