Adjustable House-Air Drying Mechanism (for sealed crawlspaces)

This method is our 3rd choice. We have various options in the sealed crawlspace code for how to provide a Drying Mechanism. 1st Choice) Adjustable Supply-Air Drying Mechnism on existing crawlspace plenum or distribution box. 2nd Choice) Adjustable Supply-Air Drying Mechanism “chased down” from the attic or interior duct-work. 3rd Choice) Adjustable House-Air Drying Mechanism … Read More »

Sealed Vapor Barrier

  From many perspectives, being able to see a foundation wall is good. These photos depict our standard vapor barrier which goes up the walls ~4″, like a baseboard, and without sealant it is stopping probably 98% of the in the earth from escaping from below, and then it is sealed to the walls with … Read More »


It might come as no surprise that roofing is more complicated than it seems. In new construction, even in 2016, the roofing contractor is often screwed before he starts,  because their work occurs “on”  sub-par work that happened after they price their work. Many Building Contractors reinforce this fault by prioritizing price and failing to … Read More »

No exposed insulation or Joists

Attic Air Sealing

Attic Air-Sealing – Durham, NC The slide-show below shows what a Traditional Attic Weatherization looks like in a pretty old home. There are several tricky details, and no duct-work in the way. Enjoy. Thanks to Gil for helping on this job. Stetten Home Services (919) 413-2326

Sealed Attics

… spray foam as it pertains to our mixed-humid Raleigh, NC climate… Foam is the best insulator, and it adds strength to everything it touches while is stops air movement. Spray foam is possible due to specialized heating, pumping, mixing, and breathing equipment. Unlike the cans at the hardware store, to get the speed and … Read More »


HVAC There is no graceful way to explain our thoughts on HVAC, given the variables, so without further ado, a random list of thoughts/facts on High-Performance HVAC Critical Details: In 2011, the average residential customer in the U.S. spent 11.7 cents/KWH via U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA reports that each KWH via Electricity = … Read More »

Broken AC


Attic Air-Sealing, HVAC Replacement, Junk-Removal, Creedmore, NC This job was a huge success. The owner’s have lived through many drafty years, and high heating bills, and had only one window mounted A/C Unit. They now set temperatures as they wish in each area. 6 total indoor blowers and 2 total outdoor compressors. Their total Heating … Read More »



Mold – Chapel Hill, NC Complaint: Mold all over walls around HVAC system, and around the registers.Problem started when new HVAC system was installed by big company in red and blue van. Diagnosis. Air-Handler and Heat-Pump/Compressor over-sized. Ducts are leaky. House is negatively pressurized when HVAC system is operating drawing in air through the paths … Read More »



Raleigh, NC – Coracini Residence DELUXE SEALED CRAWLSPACE – August 2010 Stage 1 – Bush Removal, Junk Removal & Insulation Removal, Crawlspace Lighting Installation 8/12/2010 Stage 2 – Heavy Duty Sealed Liner 8/13/2010 Stage 3 – Seal/Insulate with “banana pudding”, Fix Door, Install Walking Pad, Signage, and RH monitor 8/14 No drying mechanism installed on … Read More »


DELUXE SEALED ATTIC and CRAWL – Downtown Raleigh, NC Owner purchased energy audit immediately upon taking ownership years ago. As a result, SHS removed the fiberglass from the crawlspace, installed a heavy-duty vapor barrier, and sealed all the duct-work, and at that time, the budget didn’t allow for insulating. The homeowner saved up and was … Read More »



Deluxe Sealed Crawlspace + Deluxe Sealed Attic. Raleigh, NC The Completed Tasks List: 1-Removed Fiberglass insulation from crawlspace and attics. Removed Junk. 2-Installed Heavy Duty Plastic Liner in crawlspace, Taped Seams and piers, Vents are plugged. Crawlspace Drying Mechanism in Crawlspace. Brand-New High-Quality Crawlspace Door. 3-Sealed Attics with spray-foam. Sealed Crawlspace with spray-foam. 6-Replace vented … Read More »


SEALED CRAWLSPACE & ATTIC – Raleigh, NC “REX” a 2500 SF ranch-office with partial basements (sketchy additions off the back) and mostly crawlspace foundation. Commercial Up-fit: Goal: Energy savings, comfort improvement, storage solutions, lighting improvement, indoor air quality, functionality and durability upgrades, flooring, and handicap accessibility were aggressively addressed. Everything was done in an environmentally … Read More »